About Me
As an animation director, designer, illustrator, compositor, new-media artist and conceptual photographer, I have accumulated over 15 years of experience in the industry. I have worked in London, Berlin and now Tokyo where I am currently based. I work with global agencies, production studios, and private clients to deliver high-quality animation, VFX, motion graphics, live-action, and illustrated content.

See below for some of the clients I've worked with.

In addition to my primary skills, I am continuously exploring and expanding my knowledge and expertise in interactive art, AI, installation mediums, and new-media techniques. I am passionate about the possibilities of blending traditional and digital mediums to create something new and engaging.

When pursuing my personal projects, I go under the alias "jonpxl." My photography and new-media projects showcase my creative vision, and I love to experiment with new techniques and styles to push myself to continuously grow.
I speak English, French, and Japanese, which allows me to communicate effectively with clients and team members from diverse backgrounds. I thrive in collaborative environments and enjoy bringing innovative concepts to life.

My Work
As an animator, I understand the joy of bringing a character to life and telling stories that captivate audiences. I believe that creating beautiful images is just as essential as evoking emotions and memories through animation. We all have a favorite childhood animation that we remember not for its technique but for the emotions and imagery that it left us with.

One of my fundamental themes is the creation of a world with a sense of history. Whether it's developing a character or maintaining the narrative and concepts of a particular brand, I strive to craft compelling stories that resonate with audiences.
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