B&Q - Later Means Never
Mixed media starlet Sam Gainsborough teams up with Uncommon London to create a delightful film for B&Q which follows Nigel, a man eager to spark change in his life.

Rather than setting the film in a typical run down house, Sam set out to make this more surreal and fantastical. The cave structure was carved from foam, the cracking floor of the set was built from a thick layer of plasticine and the magical tower was made from hundreds of handmade miniature DIY tools. The final painted section of the film was animated by fellow director Renee Zhan, who hand painted each character across 5 huge sheets of glass. all of this was combined to craft an otherworldly space.

DIY is all about getting your hands dirty, and handcrafted stop motion has an innate roughness to let materials and textures show off their natural beauty. Every detail is well thought out: we can feel the cracking plaster, the dripping paint and unravelling wallpaper. Sam has given this an incredibly tactile feel. Inspired by the classic aesthetic of Raymond Briggs, this film is singing with nostalgia and tells a heartfelt tale through revealing a relatable human truth.
Client: B&Q
Studio: Blink
Director: Sam Gainsborough
Role: Animation, Design & Compositing

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