Belgian National Lottery
I had the great pleasure of working once again with good friends and highly talented animators, Parabella. The duo created a heart-warming festive treat for the Belgian National Lottery.

BAFTA winning Dan Ojari and Mikey Please’s tale of a snowman’s dream come true is full of humour, character and that warmth you feel sat beside a fire with a belly full of mince pies. A classic story, it’s the perfect metaphor for the transformative potential of the lottery.

Before doing anything Dan and Mikey soaked up some traditional folk tale and fairytale imagery, gaining inspiration which went into creating a timeless place brimming with mystery and intrigue.

Taking a contemporary twist on the old, they created an illustrative aesthetic which was translated into physical sets and puppets. Every element was painstakingly made from a 
semi-translucent foam material and stop frame animated - an intricate craft which is unique to the pair.
Client: Lotto
Studio: BlinkInk
Director: Parabella
Role: Compositing

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